About Me


Marisa Morales Cawthorne was born in Mexico City to an American mother and a Mexican father. Growing up in an artistic, multi-cultural family, she gained rich experiences that shaped who she became as an artist.

Cawthorne studied graphic design in Mexico City, but maintaining a special interest in art, she self-taught and kept trying new techniques, dabbling in pottery, drawing and painting. She was fortunate to learn from a number of talented artists, taking painting lessons from Virgilio Ruiz in Mexico City, and studying pastel and watercolors with Alice VanOverstraeten of Arizona.

A few years ago, Cawthorne began to experiment with sculpture and realized this 3-dimensional art was her true artistic calling. She studied silver jewelry techniques from Moises Alvarado. She later moved to Austin, Texas, where she joined The Creative Side of Jewelry. Then came to Denver and fell in love with the mountains, the nature and beautiful stones that are part of Colorado and decided to make it her permanent home. She started to cut and polish her own stones growing her passion for jewelry art.